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Other Web Sites Designed by Titus Woods

Yoga Center of Chico.com
A new Yoga Center for classes and workshops

Keith A Howell.com
Voice Acting and Naration

Visit My Girlfrends Closet.com
Consignment Clothing in Paradise

Cooie Mosaics.com
Mosaic artwork by Cooie Grey-Lavin

Marc Cardinet.com
Metalwork by Marc Cardinet

Yoga and Massage by Rex Stromness

Cards and Jewelry by Michele Miller

Fun Dog Art Drawings by Jean Summerville

Wire Sculpture by Sten Hoiland

CaliforniaFunkArt .com
Furnature and Sculpture by Jeb Sisk

Owen Sculpture.com
Ceramic Sculpture by Dave Owen

Artfolio Gallery.com
Web Art Gallery for Artists I have helped with Photos and Portfolios.